For the birds

From the heated comfort of my living room I’ve been watching the birds through the window as they visit the feeders. Have you noticed these things, too?
The Blue Jay is known as “bully of the birdfeeder.” When they arrive they scold and aggressively poke their beaks at other birds until they flee. But the Mourning dove will not be bullied. The dove hunkers down atop the seed as the Blue Jay scolds and hops around. Eventually, the Jay gives up and comes back after the dove departs.
The female Cardinal always arrives ahead of the more colorful male. After the female has eaten for a minute or two the male joins in. Is the male being polite to his mate, or is the female serving as a tester, making sure the food isn’t poisoned before the king eats? Is it because the brightly colored male is more vulnerable to predators, so the female goes first to make sure the coast is clear? Please advice.
The slate Colored Junco only knows snow. Even when it is 15 degrees below zero, and there is food to be had on a feeder, he prefers to stand in the snow and paw through it to find seeds that have fallen.
How do Chickadees ever get enough to eat? They insist on flying off with each individual little seed to eat elsewhere before repeating the process over and over again.
That’s all for today. I need a warm-up so I can get back outside.


I enjoy people that have compelling interests. You know who I mean don’t you? They are the life-list birders, the artists, writers, and others that are drawn to participate in their chosen activity frequently and intensively. My dad for example, spent every free moment during his work life, and all his productive post retirement years woodcarving.
Well, I guess my brother-in-law Gar is one of those guys. He recently retired as a paleobotanist (fossils of plants guy). He donated his collection of plant fossils to the Field Museum in Chicago. How many fossils do you think he donated? A few hundred? a few thousand?
Actually, he donated 250,000 rocks. The museum needed two semi-trailers to move them from Ohio to Chicago. Way to go Gar. Don’t do anything half-heartedly.

Welcome message/first post

Happy New Year. I’ve committed to trying something new. I endeavor to post at least one entry per week on this blog. Expect a dose of outdoor news and adventure; fishing, kayaking, bird watching, etc. I’ll observe the change of seasons, and add anything else that is compelling to me at the time.
The problem with a weekly post is that it comes up….well, weekly. I hope that the self-imposed pressure to have something to say at least 52 times this year will encourage me to do several things; get out more often, call friends more often, and get the kayak out rather than watch TV. Please join me on this adventure.
This isn’t this week’s post. I’ll add something today or tomorrow.