First Bass, and First Bat

It’s about 35 degrees today; gray with overcast. Looks and feels a lot like November. I just looked out again and it is snowing. But Friday was a glorious day, and a reminder that it really is springtime.

Friday afternoon it was 70 degrees. A quick walk beside the neighborhood pond wearing polarized glasses revealed what I hoped it would. Bass were pushing into shallow water. I ran back to grab a rod and some bait. Often the bass ignored the bait, and would turn and slowly head back to deeper water, but there was a flurry of action.

I landed 10 bass in about 90 minutes. The sun then went behind a cloud, and the wind picked up. The bite stopped.

That evening my wife wondered if the bat would be back. Last summer, a bat would fly back and forth at dusk, just above our deck. “Too early,” I said. But there he was just before dark, flying figure eights over our deck. April 11th 2014: first bass and first bat of the year!


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