Traveling With My Son

ImageMy son is 25 years old. To say we have had challenges getting along is probably an understatement. While Bonnie and I were planning our trip to the Ozarks he was talking about 2 or 3 different options for vacations with friends. The friends bowed out one-by-one, or the trips were unaffordable, so suddenly Matt was without a vacation plan. We asked if he wanted to go with us. The price would be right for him; zero. he readily agreed.

When I asked if he wanted to join me on a full day fishing during the trip, I expected he would decline. He hasn’t shown much interest in it. To my surprise he said yes.

Bonnie wondered if he would find an excuse to stay home, but he didn’t. When he didn’t appear at the designated hour for departure, I wondered too, but he raced in right away and was packed and ready to leave.

Overall, I would give the father-son experience a big thumbs up. There were a few testy moments, like running wild through Elephant Rocks State PImageark. I expected to find him broken at the bottom of a cliff, and no amount of coaxing could slow him down, but we all survived. When he insisted on climbing up into the window frame in the ghost town of East Calico, we only needed one Band-Aid to cover the wound.

He was attentive throughout our fishing day, caught trout, and had fun. He may have even caught one or two fish more than me, but who’s counting? throughout the week he helped carry luggage, grill meat, and read maps.

I don’t know if this will be the last family road trip or not, but it was memorable. I mean that in the good way.




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