Spring Break Road Trip

Spring finally appears to be around the corner. As we wait for it to arrive, I’m going on a road trip to see if I can find it somewhere else. My family and I will be traveling 500+ miles south to the Ozark Mountains.

I plan to fish the famous White River while we are in Arkansas. This is a place where brown trout grown to 20 lbs. No little trout baits were recommended. Bring the countdown Rapalas is what I was advised. (For those that don’t know, these are typically used for bass or walleye fishing.) Those that know me will not be surprised to know I have been selecting and organizing gear for weeks already. I wonder what important thing I’ll leave behind despite all the planning.

Besides a little fishing; we hope to golf, hike, explore a cave, photograph a waterfall, and listen to live music. Like all our vacations, I’m planning a surgical strike, ferreting every experience possible out of a 6 day road trip. I’ll report back to you when we return.

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